Quiz: How High Can You Score On This Grey's Anatomy General Trivia Exam?

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Will you pull a George and fail this exam?

Try to score your best on this Grey's Anatomy general trivia exam. This quiz is compiled of questions written by fans themselves!

 Sep 10, 2020

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What incident pushed DeLuca over the edge?
The patient with Stills's disease.
The suspected Human Trafficking incident.
Meredith not believing in him.

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What are the names of Meredith’s 3 kids, in order of oldest to youngest?
Bailey, Ellis, Zola
Ellis, Zola, Bailey
Zola, Bailey, Ellis

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What did George write in Meredith's hand while laying in the hospital bed before he died?

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Why didn't Mark keep Sloan's baby?
Lexi didn't want kids.
Sloan already picked parents to adopt him.
Mark wasn't ready for kids.

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Why did Leah Murphy leave Grey Sloan a second time?
Because of Arizona’s sexual harassment
She just stops appearing on the show, unexplained
Dr. Webber suggests that she cannot handle surgery

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Where did Meredith and Derek first meet?
In college
Joe's bar
At the hospital

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Which sister donates a nerve to Derek for his surgery following the plane crash?

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What did Meredith give Lexie to eat, that made Lexie have an allergic reaction?

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Who almost went to jail for assault?

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When Cristina, Burke, George, and Callie are playing charades at Burke’s apartment, he fails to guess which clue acted out by Cristina?
Michael Brown
Joe Montana

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Who was Lexie’s first boyfriend on the show?

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What did Meredith Grey win an Harper Avery for?
Abdominal wall transplant
Mini livers

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Why did Lexie break up with Jackson?
Because she still had feelings for Mark
Jackson broke up with her
Because she was over him

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Who is Bailey's child named after?

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How did Heather Brooks die?
Gun shot wound
Plane crash

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What was the first assignment Bailey gave Izzie on her first day of work?
Rectal exams
Writing post-op notes
Running codes

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What is the name of Owen's adoptive son?

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Who hit their head on a rock when the men of Seattle went camping

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What do Meredith and Cristina do one last time before Cristina leaves for Switzerland?
One last surgery
Dance it out
One last shot of tequila
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