Quiz: Bet You Can't Answer All These Q's Written By Diehard Grey's Fans

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How high can you score on this ultimate fan-written Grey's Anatomy general trivia quiz? Questions all about seasons 1-16 of Greys.

 Jul 09, 2020

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Where did Gorge have his first completely solo surgery?
OR 1

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What was the name of Meredith’s doll with the detachable organs?
Anatomy Julia
Anatomy Judy
Anatomy Jane

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What does April do after baby Samuel dies?
Serves as a trauma surgeon in the military
Quits her job
Adopts a baby

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Jo Wilson’s father was a...
Drug addict

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What's the name of Joe's bar?
Irish Shamrock
Emerald City
Joe's Tavern

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What was the name of the paramedic who was holding a bomb inside a patients chest?

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Who wrote Cristina’s wedding vows on the palm of her hand?

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How much was the check that Denny Left to Izzie after he died?

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Who did Arizona first admit she loved Callie to?
Callie's father
Arizona's mother

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When Mr. Clark come back to shoot people at the hospital who was he looking for?
His wife's doctors and nurses
Dr. Webber, Derek and Lexi

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When Cristina and Preston went on their first awkward date to a restaurant, what did they diagnose the male customer with when he collapsed?
Heart attack

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Where was Callie living when she and George first got together?
A hotel
The hospital
Cristina's apartment

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Who was Owen married to first?

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How did Callie know that the man who got hit by a bus was George?
A birthmark on his hand
She saw it in the shape of his eyes
He wrote '007' on her hand

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Where does Jackson's estranged father, Robert Avery, live?

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Who did Addison cheat on Derek with?
Nathan Riggs
Owen Hunt
Mark Sloan

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Why did Amelia not want another baby?
She thought it would ruin her career
She didn’t love anyone enough to have a baby
Her first child died shortly after birth
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