Quiz: Are You Smarter Than Average? Prove It.

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Do you consider yourself a genius!?

Whether you have a Master's Degree, PhD Degree, or just are plain smart...let's see how genius you really are!

 May 23, 2017
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What day would yesterday be if tomorrow was four days before the day after Monday's tomorrow?
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What is the capital of India?
New Delhi
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What is the 5th planet from the sun?
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What do you call a group of crows?
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Who served the longest term as President of the United States?
Thomas Jefferson
Richard Nixon
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Which state would you find Denali in?
North Carolina
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What city was the first in the US to hold the Olympic Games?
Kansas City
St. Louis
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When I was 2 years old, my sister was half of my age. If I'm 100, how old is my sister?
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Monaco is a ______.
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Who is the United States largest and biggest ally?
United Kingdom
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