Quiz: Only A True Michigander Can Get All 15 Of These Questions Right r2

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This pure Michigan quiz can only be aced by true Michiganders!

Do you live in Michigan or think you know all about this beautiful lake-filled state? Let's put your knowledge to the test!

 Jan 18, 2019
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How do you explain to another citizen of MI where you live in the state?
Cardinal Directions
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The University of Michigan is located in which city?
Ann Arbor
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This popular drink is known as "The Cure for Everything":
Cherry Republic
Apple Cider
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The _____ Ballet Company is one of the largest in the US!
Grand Rapids
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Hot dog with chili sauce, mustard and onion is known as...
Pasty Dog
Detroit Dog
Coney Dog
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Michigan touches how many Great Lakes?
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Michigan holds the most ________ in the US.
Tennis courts
Roller coasters
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What do you call out-of-towners visiting Michigan?
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Michigan is known for which famous museum?
Henry Ford
Field Museum
Shedd Aquarium
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The "U.P" refers to:
Under Perfermed
User Product
Upper Penninsula
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