Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Nurses Can Ace This Caregiver's Challenge. Can You?

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Do you know your basic nursing caregiving rules?

Many students are learning how to be nurses, as we have many successful nurses now in society. Do you know your rules?

 Feb 16, 2017

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Prescription medicine labels should include details except for...
Miligram Usage
Full Name

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Nurses should do what regarding prescription instructions?
Tell the patient what to do during an reaction
Explain what the medication does/side effects
Memorize every dosage from age

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Nurses and caregivers do all the following except...
Direct and detail appointments
Prescribe medications
Call patients about doctor changes

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What is the main reason for primary caregiving?
Public & Mental Health
To Have Constant Social Interaction
To Have Company With You At All Times

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Around how many caregivers are there in the world?
50 million
20 million
44 million

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How many households are affected or are involved in caregiving in the US?

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What is the typical amount of week spent if you are a caregiver?
10 hrs.
30 hrs.
21 hrs.

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Of families in the US, ___% are family members caring for family.

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What is the typical age of a caregiver?
25 yrs old
46 yrs old
56 yrs old

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What is the next step after caregiving?
College Student
Retired Doctor
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