Are You Kentucky Enough To Ace This KY Quiz? Bet Not!

Test your luck on this Kentucky quiz!

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 Feb 25, 2019
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Question: 1/19Pick Your Answer!

Everyone knows Kentucky holds a famous derby every year. But where exactly is the Derby held?
Harrodstown. Too easy!
Churchill Downs, of course.
Obviously, Corbin.

Question: 2/19Pick Your Answer!

A delicious open-faced sandwich with turkey, bacon and Mornay sauce is a Kentucky specialty. But it's easier to just call it a ______ instead of saying all that.
Spicy Derbs
Kickin' Kentucky
Hot Brown

Question: 3/19Pick Your Answer!

Obviously Kentucky Fried Chicken started right here in Kentucky. That's too easy. But what's the name of the founder?
Charitable Stewart!
Captain Sampson!
Colonel Sanders!

Question: 4/19Pick Your Answer!

You're telling me that you went to Kentucky and you didn't drink a lick of ______? That's just not right!

Question: 5/19Pick Your Answer!

Seriously, that's like going to Louisville and not checking out any:

Question: 6/19Pick Your Answer!

And can you say Louisville like a real local?
Definitely, it's Lewis-vul.
Of course, it's Lew-EE-ville.
Yes, it's LOU-uh-vul.

Question: 7/19Pick Your Answer!

If you want to make a traditional Derby Pie, then you better stop at the store and pick up which of these ingredients?
Chocolate and walnut
Pumpkin and spice
Strawberries and cream

Question: 8/19Pick Your Answer!

Ale eight one? A Late One? Laten? What are you even saying?
You've never heard of that show before?
You don't know the famous race horse, Late One?
Calm down, I'm just talking about Ginger Ale!

Question: 9/19Pick Your Answer!

Kentucky is actually one of only four states in the U.S. that is a _________.
Derby Donor

Question: 10/19Pick Your Answer!

Can you give me directions to ______? I'm taking my daughter on a college tour of the University of Kentucky this weekend!

Question: 11/19Pick Your Answer!

_________ music is a popular genre of music in Kentucky. After all, it DID start here!

Question: 12/19Pick Your Answer!

Sometimes you Kentucky locals get really crazy and put your chili over _____. True story.
Mashed potatoes
Spaghetti noodles

Question: 13/19Pick Your Answer!

Do you mind brining me a tall glass of ______? It's too hot on the porch to not be sipping on something!
Iced Tea
Frozen Coffee

Question: 14/19Pick Your Answer!

Hunting season or not, you're likely to see Kentuckians sporting which of these patterns?

Question: 15/19Pick Your Answer!

Only one president has been born in Kentucky. But he's a big one! He's:
Abraham Lincoln!
Thomas Jefferson!
Woodrow Wilson!

Question: 16/19Pick Your Answer!

If you're going to the Kentucky Derby, don't forget to go to the fireworks show too, AKA the:
Krushing Kentucky
Thunder over Louisville
The Ultimate Firework Show

Question: 17/19Pick Your Answer!

________ are only a joke to you if you've never had one come after you. Seriously.
Unleashed Retrievers
Wild Turkey
Rabid Chipmunks

Question: 18/19Pick Your Answer!

Burgoo? No, that's not gibberish! We're talking about ______ here! And y'all can bet everyone's family has their own special recipe.
Home-churned ice cream
Rice and beans
A spicy stew

Question: 19/19Pick Your Answer!

People can say what they want about Kentucky! It's no sweat off your back, since you know that no other state even comes CLOSE to the ________ State!
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