Quiz: Can You Pass This 20th Century History Quiz?


Are you a history professional? Let's see how well you know the 1900's!

The 20th-century history and the events helped carved the society and lifestyle we have today - let's see how much you know about history!

 Apr 13, 2017
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In which decade did the Great Depression take place?
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What years was the Berlin Wall built?
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Who was the President of the United States during World War II?
Adolf Hitler
President Roosevelt
President Obama
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How did Hitler die?
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Who was the first woman to fly an airplane?
Amelia Earhart
Rosa Parks
Susan B. Anthony
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Trench warfare was used mostly during which war?
Civil War
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In 1960, a brand new medical pill was invented. What was it?
A flower plant pill
The Birth Control Pill
A cancer treatment pill
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On November 22, 1963, President ______ was assassinated as he rode in a car through downtown Dallas.
William McKinley
John F. Kennedy
Harry Truman
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Apollo 11 was famous for what?
Traveling around the world in a boat
Landing on the moon
Swam from Alaska to Japan
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What famous event happened in Hawaii on December 7, 1941?
Attach on Los Angeles
Attack on Pearl Harbor
The Mexican Peso Problem
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