13 Things Only A True St. Charles Girl Will Understand


Do you know why Jenny McCarthy is the cover of St. Charles?

St. Charles is a big enough town where you won't see the same people every day but small enough where if you eat with your family at Buffalo Wild Wings, you will definitely see people from your high school. Geneva Commons is probably where you have seen the famous character known as "Carl" from Shameless, Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg walking around Harley Davidson, or Meijer where you saw your preschool teacher you forgot existed. St. Charles is a great city where nothing ever 'boring' happens.

1. Pride Of The Fox, You Know?


Feeling adventurous? Maybe you and your family decide to take a stroll along the Fox River in downtown St. Charles during the nice spring and summer weather. From the different playgrounds, mini-golf, and bike paths, you are guaranteed a fun exploring afternoon!

2. It Only Takes 1 Hour To Get To The City!


Need a quick shopping spree? No problem! St. Charles only is an hour train ride from the Windy City! The train takes you right into the heart of Chicago where you are guaranteed a fun afternoon in the city.

3. Scarecrow Festival - The Tradition In Your Family, Huh!?


So many great memories as children...however, now if you are 21+ you can enjoy the fall weather and the warm apple cider drinks and beer with friends and family! This annual fall event attracts generations of locals to enjoy the enormous display of hand-crafted scarecrows!

4. The Arcada...That "Thing" You Always Pass...


We have all been there to see the classic shows & small town concerts where you may have ended up drinking too much! These classic weekend shows guarantee you and your friends a great time!

5. Geneva Commons or St. Charles Commons?


Since the Charlestowne Mall is getting renovated, you probably end up going into Geneva for your shopping. From the PINK store, Forever 21, Charming Charlies, and Express - you are probably going to be spending more money than you hoped to!

6. Hotel Baker, You Know Exactly Where That Is!


Yes, that great hotel we all see on Main Street is one of the best hotels in St. Charles! If you don't have a picture with the statue man sitting outside are you even from St. Charles??

7. What About Filling Station?


The Filling Station Pub & Grill has become your families favorite over the years (and most memorized menu) in St. Charles! This navigational landmark in downtown has both the family friendly atmosphere and the the hottest nightspot life in downtown STC!

8. But You Can't Forget Alley 64!


Do I need to mention more...? It's that place where you go for 1 drink and end up closing down the bar.

9. Portillos "I wonder how that drive-thru works?!"


Need I say any more? This 20's style diner will have you knocked off your chair while you enjoy the ultimate Chicago style dog!

10. Chicago Food & Wine Festival - Yes, The WINE Festival!!!


Located right off Main St (which you know because your mom always asks you to go with her) - at this wonderful festival you have enjoyed lots of wine and local restaurant's menus! This is a 5-star event for St. Charles!

11. St. Charles Bowl: Birthday Party Heaven!


Where you have had one or two birthday parties inviting your whole class that signs that bowling pin...Yes, I know you know exactly what I am talking about!

12. Shameless...WHAT!


You were eating at the local Buffalo Wild Wings and looked over and saw your favorite character from Shameless - Carl. Yes, that is right! Ethan Cutkosky, 12, of St. Charles, featured in the Showtime network series, Shameless, lives in your town...and YOU'VE SEEN HIM! Consider St. Charles the best suburb yet...?

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13. You've Seen Jenny McCarthy!


Jenny McCarthy lives in her St. Charles home with her family. Between shooting their TV Reality Show, Donnie Loves Jenny, hosting Sirius XM radio, and just being an ordinary citizen in St. Charles, she is quite the contributing community member in St. Charles!

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