Quiz: You’ll Only Ace This Test On The First Try If You’re An Engineer


So you think you can math?

Answer questions about stress, strain, laws of mathematics including Hooke's law, scalar and vector qualities, and more!

 Oct 04, 2017

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What is a substance that attracts piece of iron?

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Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

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The point that the whole weight of the body acts no matter what position is known as what?
center of weight
Center of gravity
Center of velocity

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What general law of mechanics states that stress is directly proportional to strain?
Einstein's Law
Newton's Law
Hooke’s law

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Concurrent forces are those forces whose lines of action do what?
Do not ever meet
Meet at one point
Run parallel to each other

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According to the law of moments, if coplaner forces acting on a particle are in equilibrium, what is the sum of their moments?
It cannot be solved from this information
The sum is equal to the number of forces
0, they are in equilibrium

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Non-coplanar concurrent forces are those forces that do what?
Never meet and are on different planes
Meet at one point and are on the same planes
Meet at one point but are on different planes

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A machine with less than 50% efficiency is known as what?
Efficient machine
Reversible machine
Ideal machine

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What is a method of applying mechanics that assumes all objects are continuous.
Forced mechanics
Continuum mechanics
Directional mechanics

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The unit of work in S.I. units is what?
It changes

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In what case would a number of forces be acting in equilibrium?
When all the forces are going the same way
When all the forces have the same worth
When the sum of resolved parts in a vertical direction is 0

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If a ladder is on the ground leaning on a vertical wall, where is the force of friction?
The upper end of the ladder
The middle of the ladder
Wherever your feet are on the ladder

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The slope on the road surfaces that is generally provided on curves is known as what?
Angle of Banking
Angle of Hilling
Angle of Equilibrium

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What is the action exerted by one body upon another?

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What is measure of rigidity?
Modulus of Carbon
Modulus of elasticity
Modulus of Oxygen
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