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Identify idioms like: A penny for your thoughts, Actions speak louder than words, At the drop of a hat, Barking up the wrong tree, and more!

 Aug 07, 2017
1 of 10What does this idiom actually mean?
A penny for your thoughts
Someone will pay you a penny to use your idea
It is a way of asking what someone is thinking
Your thoughts are only worth a penny
2 of 10What does this idiom actually mean?
Actions speak louder than words
What you do is more important than what you say you will do
Actions that are loud like burping mean more than words
Talking is actually an action because it is your mouth moving
3 of 10What does this idiom actually mean?
At the drop of a hat
Something happens suddenly
Something will happen when a hat drops
If you drop a hat a rabbit will hop out
4 of 10What does this idiom actually mean?
Back to the drawing board
Starting over when an idea fails
When your drawing is bad so you start over
When you start drawing again after you take a break
5 of 10What does this idiom actually mean?
Barking up the wrong tree
Looking in the wrong place or accusing the wrong person
When you take the bark off of a tree
When a dog is barking at a tree but a squirrel is in a different one
6 of 10What does this idiom actually mean?
Beat around the bush
Avoiding the main topic
When you cut all the bushes down around fruit bushes
When you hit the ground around a bush to make it more fertile
7 of 10What does this idiom actually mean?
Best thing since sliced bread
When you buy bread that is already sliced
A good invention, idea, or innovation
The invention of jam to be spread on toast
8 of 10What does this idiom actually mean?
Blessing in disguise
When blessings dress up for Halloween
When people say mean things but mean to say nice things
Something that seems bad but ends up being a good thing
9 of 10What does this idiom actually mean?
Don't judge a book by its cover
When you pick a book to read based on how colorful the front cover is
When you don't read a book but review it based on the back cover
Don't judge something based solely on appearance
10 of 10What does this idiom actually mean?
No use crying over spilt milk
There is no point in getting upset over something from the past
When you spill milk you should clean it not just cry
It is not helpful to spill milk
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