Quiz: The Most Infuriating And Difficult Medical Quiz You'll Ever Take


Do you know enough to be a doctor... or are you just a WebMD fanatic?

Quiz about medicine including pathology, bones in the adult body, the adult brain, organs and diseases.

 May 03, 2017
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Lets start off easy... What is Pathology?
The study of disease
The study of bones
The study of cells
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How many pairs of ribs does an adult human have?
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What is the largest organ in the body?
4 of 10Pick the correct answer!
How many bones does the average adult human have?
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Which of a following is a healthy blood pressure reading?
6 of 10Pick the correct answer!
_______ is the most common cause of death in the US.
Heart Disease
7 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What kind of Doctor treats children?
8 of 10Pick the correct answer!
Which of the following are symptoms of a stroke?
Face drooping, speech difficulty
Blindness, vomiting, faint
Fever, chills, coughing
9 of 10Pick the correct answer!
Blood cells are shaped like _______.
Kidney Beans
10 of 10Pick the correct answer!
The common cold is a _______
Bacterial Infection
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