Quiz: Only A Hardcore Cat Person Can Pass This Cat Trivia Quiz

Taylor Swift, Cats

Can you get a purrrrfect score on this quiz?

Answer questions about cats like what foods they can eat, what helps them live longer, what their fur says about them, and more!

 Oct 19, 2017

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How old should kittens be before they can be separated from their mother?
1 year
4 weeks
12 weeks

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A group of cats is called a ___________.
Cat clump

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How much of their lives do cats spend sleeping?

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How can you describe a cats coloring that has a white belly and paws with a black back and arms?

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What cat breed is well-known for being similar (almost twin-like) and because of a song in Lady and the Tramp?

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A cat is a digitigrade animal which means what?
They walk on their toes
They are unable to see in the dark
They only drink milk

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Can kitten litter mates can have different fathers?
No way!

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What flavors can cats not taste?

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What is the average litter size for cats?

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Do domesticated or feral cats make more noise?
Domesticated- My cat purrs all the time!
They make the same amount of noises!
Feral- They hiss in movies!

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Can cats survive by drinking seawater?
I have no idea!
Yes, they have crazy powerful livers!
No, no mammal can do that!

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What can increase the length of a cats life?
Living as an outdoor cat
Being fat

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Are cats right or left pawed?
Yes they normally prefer one or the other but it varies
They are all right pawed
No, all cats are ambidextrous

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What breed of cat looks hairless?
British shorthair

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Do the ridges on a cat's tongue that make it rough also help them drink water?
Yes and it is so fast humans can't even see it!
No, the drink fine without those!
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