Quiz: Only A True New Englander Can Ace This Seafood Challenge

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Do you know where the chowder turns red?

Answer questions about New England Seafood and dishes like clam chowder, a clam bake, lobster rolls, and more!

 Oct 19, 2017

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The chowder line is a geographic boundary between creamy-style New England chowder and tomato-based Manhattan chowder.
Yup, that sounds right!
I think Manhattan had potato-based chowder
There is no such thing as a chowder line

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Which New England state is best known for its lobster?
New York

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Coastal Massachusetts is NOT known for which seafood item?

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A New England clam bake is traditionally made how?
Steaming seafood over seaweed on hot rocks
Putting everything in a giant pot
Using a crockpot and letting it cook all day

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What is the difference between corn chowder and clam chowder?
Corn chowder isn't actually chowder
In corn chowder there is corn and bacon replacing the clams
There are tomatoes in corn chowder but not clam

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What are "quahogs"?
Fish that look like pigs and are quasi-hogs
Isn't that a type of drug?
Hard clams

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Connecticut is known for its "apizza", what is another name for this?
Haddock Ham Sandwhich
Cherry Maple Pizza
White Clam Pie

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What state is known for making clear clam chowder?
Rhode Island

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Which is NOT a main ingredient of New England clam chowder?
Hot Sauce

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Lobster rolls are served on what kind of bun?
Hamburger Buns
Hot Dog Buns
Brioche Rolls

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Manhattan is known for adding what ingredient to their clam chowder to give it a reddish color?
Red Peppers

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New England lobster is best enjoyed "in the rough" at a "lobster shack". What does this mean?
An informal shore-side restaurant
Fancy restaurants
Chain seafood places like Legal Sea Foods

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Which fish is NOT common on the shores of New England?

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What is a main ingredient in stuffed clams?
Heavy whipping cream

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What food is traditionally served with clam chowder?
Saltine or oyster crackers
Maple Syrup
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