Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Remember "The Karate Kid"?

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Wax on, wax off.

Answer questions about "The Karate Kid" and Daniel LaRusso, waxing the car, Mr. Miyagi, Johnny, and the All Valley Karate Championship

 May 26, 2017
1 of 10Pick the correct answer!
The film opens with the LaRusso's moving from ________ to ___________.
Jersey City, New Jersey / Bakersfield, California
Newark, New Jersey / Reseda, California
Bronx, New York / Malibu, California
2 of 10Pick the correct answer!
Daniel originally sought our Mr. Miyagi because of what issue with the apartment?
The lock on the front door was broken
The kitchen faucet leaked
The shower wouldn't start
3 of 10Pick the correct answer!
In an encounter with the Cobras, Daniel's ________ gets busted up and Mr. Miyagi repairs it.
Favorite action figure
4 of 10Pick the correct answer!
Where is Mr. Miyagi from?
5 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What is the metaphor Mr. Miyagi uses to explain to Daniel the commitment he needs to learn karate?
Crossing a river
Cooking rice
Walking down a road
6 of 10Pick the correct answer!
How many attempts does it take Daniel to catch a fly with chopsticks?
7 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What is the order of the tasks that Miyagi had Daniel perform?
Sand the floor - paint the house - wax the cars - paint the fence
Paint the fence - paint the house - wax the cars - sand the floors
Wax the cars - sand the floor - paint the fence - paint the house
8 of 10Pick the correct answer!
Mr. Miyagi had Daniel learn balance by doing what?
Riding a bike without using his hands
Balancing on a beam near the apartment
Standing in the tide
9 of 10Pick the correct answer!
Which of the following was not a member of Johnny’s Cobra Kai entourage?
10 of 10Pick the correct answer!
What was the name of the tournament at the end of the movie?
All Valley Karate Championship
Ridgeland Heights Martial Arts Tournament
Southern California Marital Arts Tournament
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