Quiz: Can You Pass This Native American Quiz?

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Can you break the Navajo Code?

Answer questions about Native American culture including tribes and reservations and famous Native Americans like Sacajawea and Pocahontas!

 Oct 04, 2017

1 of 15Pick the correct answer!

What was the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs responsible for?
Negotiating treaties
Managing trade with the Indians

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Where were the Cherokee Indians forced to walk to on the Trail of Tears?

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Why were the Native Americans called Indians?
Because Christopher Columbus thought he landed in India
Because the word Indian sounded similar to the name they called themselves
Because the explorers that discovered them were from India

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True or False: Native Americans only lived in the western half of the US before Europeans arrived

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What group of Native Americans was least influenced by European civilization prior to the 20th century?

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What disease did the Europeans give to the Native American groups?
Swine Flue

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Who was the Infamous Chief at Little Big Horn?
Crazy Horse Rider
Little Sunset
Sitting Bull

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What were the types of food the Native Americans helped Europeans cultivate when they first arrived in the New World?
Grapes and Wine
Corn and Squash
Rice and Pork

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Who helped Lewis and Clark navigate their expedition?
Princess Little Foot

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Which of the following animals did Europeans bring to the Americas that the Native Americans had not seen before?

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What President oversaw the Trail of Tears?
Andrew Jackson
George Washington
Franklin D Roosevelt

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Who was Pocahontas?
She saved Captain John Smith's life
She facilitated the Louisiana Purchase
She helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition

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What is a group of Native American people called?
A Country
A Tribe
A Group

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What are the lands that the United States government set aside for Native Americans called?

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Which of the following states does NOT have a name rooted in a Native American language?
New York
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