Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Original "Dynasty"?

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Do you have what it takes to be part of the "Dynasty"?

Answer questions about characters and major plot points including the lives of the Carrington's and the Colbys!

 Jun 13, 2018
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Where did "Dynasty" take place?
Phoenix, Arizona
Denver, Colorado
Houston, Texas
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What is the name of the family that the show is about?
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How did the Carringtons get their wealth?
Gold rush
Iron industry
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As Dynasty begins on January 12, 1981, Blake Carrington is about to marry who?
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What is the name of Blake's son that despises Blake's capitalistic values?
Blake Jr.
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Blake is arrested at the end of season one after doing what?
Pushing Steven and Ted apart which causes Ted to hit his head and die
Attacking Matthew due to his relationship with Krystle
Shooting a gun that startles Krystle's horse and causes her to miscarry
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How did Alexis enter the show?
In the first season so scare away Krystle
As a mysterious witness in Blake's trial
To help out Fallon with a bullying issue at school
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Who does Alexis marry when on his deathbed so she could acquire his company?
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Who was the long-lost son of Alexis and Blake who had been kidnapped when he was a baby?
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In the third-season cliffhanger, Alexis lures Krystle to Steven's cabin and what happens?
Alexis causes Krystle to have a miscarriage
The cabin is set on fire
Alexis tries to blackmail Krystle so she can get her husband back
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How does Blake die?
Blake doesn't die
During an accident in Indonesia
He is left on a mountain after a fight with Nick
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What former President guest starred on the show?
Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon
John F. Kennedy
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The rivalry between Alexis and Krystle led to many cat fights. Where did they NOT get into a physical altercation?
In the horse barn
A lily pond
In a mud pit
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The most famous cliff hanger of the show was the fifth season finale. What happened?
The cast is stuck in La Mirage hotel and it is on fire
The royal wedding is interrupted by terrorists during a military coup
The family finds out that Steven died in Indonesia
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How did Alexis cause Krystle to miscarry?
Alexis physically assaulted Krystle in her studio
Alexis intentionally startled Krystle's horse with a gunshot
She locked her in a cabin that was lit on fire
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Who marries Steven?
Sammy Jo Dean
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How did Blake meet Krystle?
She was Fallon's teacher
She was his secretary
She was Alexis's best friend
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Which of Blake's children was best suited to follow in his professional footsteps?
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Dynasty is an American prime time television soap opera that aired on ABC from January 12, 1981 to May 11, 1989. revolves around the Carringtons, a wealthy family residing in Denver, Colorado. Dynasty stars John Forsythe as oil magnate Blake Carrington, Linda Evans as his new wife Krystle, and later Joan Collins as his former wife Alexis. Dynasty was conceived by ABC to compete with CBS's prime time series Dallas. Ratings for the show's first season were unimpressive, but a revamp for the second season that included the arrival of Collins as scheming Alexis saw ratings enter the top 20. By the fall of 1982, it was a top 10 show, and by the spring of 1985, it was the #1 show in the United States. Dynasty was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best TV Drama Series every year from 1981 to 1986, winning in 1983. Producers of the show said said they “wanted to do something that would be fun, an American fantasy. We thought people had seen enough stories where families fell apart. We wanted a strong, nineteenth-century sort of family where people were in conflict but loved each other in spite of everything.” In the show you see just that. Despite every fight and near death encounter, at the end of the day the characters band together to survive, while making each other’s lives harder. Answer questions about the characters and plot of “Dynasty” to see if you are the “Dynasty” expert you think you are!