13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Went To Ohio State

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Are you ~nuts~ for the Buckeyes?

Being a fan of THE Ohio State University is one of the best feelings in the world. No other place has fans quite as loyal to our team or to hating that team up north (*ichigan). We have an amazing alumni base and one of the prettiest campuses. The Oval turns into a beach in the spring and The Shoe has enough space to fit all our friends. Go Buckeyes!!

1. You wish Urban Meyer was your dad


Let's face it, Urban (UrBAE honestly) is an icon. And who doesn't want to be in close contact with the dad of the football team?? Maybe this way you can meet the players!

2. Mirror Lake Jump


Because there is no better way to bond than jumping into a lake in very little clothes and below freezing temperatures with thousands of your closest friends!

3. The Long Walk


At some point you've probably dreamed about doing the long walk with that special someone. Because nothing screams romance like walking down the oval, holding hands, with no one crossing your path, and the Orton Bells ringing. It is a difficult feat, and lets face it, way cooler than Miami mergers.

4. The team up North is the absolute worst


As crappy as things can get at least we know we don't go to *ichigan. That alone makes every all nighter and bad day a little bit better.

5. Carmen Ohio and Hang on Sloopy


Honestly no other school songs even compare. There is no better song than Carmen to sing while embracing your fellow buckeyes. And if Hang on Sloopy isn't an iconic love song to you then you need to rethink your life.



If you don't know what this stands for then you will never understand the magnificent artwork the Ohio State band creates and performs for every football game. From dinosaurs to classic rock the band has done it all.

7. Gameday


Ohio State fans get Christmas almost every weekend in the fall. Sorry to all the other schools that will never know what this is like.

8. The Oval Beach


As the snow melts the students swarm the oval. Is there anything better than lounging on the oval and seeing endless dogs and hammocks while soaking up the sun? Just make sure you don't get hit by a skateboarder...

9. You automatically reply when you hear someone yell O-H!


Instinctively you say I-O. This simple tactic can help you quiet a room or make friends all over the world.

10. O-H-I-O pictures


What other school can easily spell their favorite college and state with just their bodies??

11. The 11th floor of Thompson


Honestly where else can you get a better view? Who needs to climb the Eiffel Tower when Thompson is centrally located on campus.

12. Buckeyethon


Who else can say their school annually raises over 1 million dollars for a 24 hour dance marathon to help the kids?

13. But For Ohio State...


Because what other reason would you ever need to have some of the best years of your life?

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