13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re In A Sorority

ell woods

How much do you actually know about sorority life?

Being in a sorority is an experience unlike any other. Your sisters become your best friends and are people you have strong bonds with many years after college. It also gives you bonds to women of all ages all over the country who also share your letters!

1. Recruitment


What is stranger than seeing herds of girls walking from house to house? Frat boys sit out on their lawns and see the whole process happen and if that doesn't make you uncomfortable not much else will.

2. Bid Day


Bid Day is one of the best days of the year. Whether you are coming home to your chapter for the first time or welcoming new members it is an exciting day for everyone! When else do you get an entire new pledge class of friends??

3. Synchronized Dancing


There are always events that need dancing! Especially competitions against other chapters. You gotta be able to show off your skills to create the best dance and show the other chapters which sorority is the best!

4. Big/Little


This is a bond like no other. It can be hard for outsiders to understand what exactly having a big or little is. But this creates a whole new family with a lineage that can go on forever!

5. Crafting


There are always crafts to be made. Banners for events, paddles for bigs and littles, posters for philanthropy efforts. Get your glitter and scissors ready because it never ends.

6. Sharing Success


When one sister succeeds, the whole chapter succeeds. So whenever people bring good news everyone celebrates to cheer on their sister.

7. Themed Gatherings


Who doesn't love dressing up silly with all your best friends and seeing who can come up with the most creative costume? Plus it gives everyone a reason to go shopping!

8. Ritual


There are some secrets that absolutely no other chapter will ever discover and are sacred to just your chapter!! No one will ever figure them out... except maybe the internet and therefore anyone that tries to look them up.

9. Recruitment Videos


No one can really explain how dumb you feel doing basic things like blowing glitter at a camera. Yet somehow, everyone does it and it looks aesthetically pleasing enough for everyone to keep doing it.

10. Hand Symbols


Every sorority has their own hand symbol that represents their letters. To outsiders they may look like gang signs. But they are great for taking photos on the beach or on top of mountains to show off how cool your chapter is.

11. Secret Handshake


Yes, your entire chapter knows who you are, But yes, you still need to prove your membership every week by doing the secret handshake to get into chapter. Just in case someone is dressed like you and is an imposter!

12. The Cost of Greek Life


Just because you're in a sorority doesn't mean you are rich. In fact, many girls pay for it on their own. So when it is time to pay dues or there are new apparel orders out your wallet can be feeling pretty skinny.

13. Sisters For Life


What other experience helps you to meet amazing women that will define your college career? Sorority sisters are best friends for a lifetime not just the four years spent in college!

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