14 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Dayton, OH

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Some things you can only understand if you're from Dayton

Being from Dayton is an odd feeling. It is not one of the big three cities in Ohio that claim all the fame. However, it is still pretty cool in its own right. It is easily the most underrated city in Ohio and here is why it should be better appreciated.

1. Bills Donuts


Honestly if you need an explanation then you clearly don't know how amazing this place is. It is open 24/7 and is the perfect spot for after church and late nights with friends.

2. Oregon District


The historic Oregon district is definitely the coolest part of downtown Dayton. With cobblestone streets, awesome wall art, and amazing local foods and breweries it is hard to beat!

3. Boonshoft Museum of Discovery


While it may be overshadowed by COSI, people should not ignore the Boonshoft. It is a museum with tons of cool exhibits for kids! There are labs for science experiments and there is even a zoo with animals to learn about!

4. Wright Brothers


Literally this is the city that the inventors of airplanes grew up in. Can you think of a more life changing invention??

5. Dayton Dragons Baseball


Have you ever seen a more amazing play than this? Minor League Baseball can be just as cool as Major League and it brings friends and families together from all over town!

6. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


The Air Force Base brings people from all walks of life to Dayton. It means constant new kids at school and frequent goodbyes to friends moving on to the next place. It also means research jobs and lots of engineering internships! It is an economic boost to our great city!

7. University of Dayton


What school do you know that has this much spirit for basketball? Plus they caused a total craze when they made it to the Elite 8 in 2014 which let all Flyers brag about their home team. UD fans bleed red and blue!

8. Schuster Performing Arts Center


The Schuster center brings broadway plays to Dayton. From Wicked to the Trans Siberian Orchestra there are world renowned performers constantly visiting. Plus the Schuster is beautiful in its own right with high glass walls and palm trees.

9. Carriage Hill MetroPark and Farm


A close to home, real life, old-fashioned farming experience. Kids can see the animals, check out the old style housing and cellar, and experience live pre electricity. It is fun for all ages so stop by and churn some butter!

10. PNC 2nd Street Market


This place has stalls for local farmers to sell fresh meat, cheese, and produce. Amazing quality at an affordable price. The best part, there's lots of samples!

11. Wiley's Comedy Club


Who says Dayton is forgotten about?? We have live talent from all over the US that tours and comes to Wiley's. Plus you can enjoy it all with your choice of beverages and some great food!

12. RiverScape MetroPark


With family fun concerts in the summer and ice skating in the winter all under the same outdoor tent, what more could a family want out of a venue? It is also close to many of the food festivals so you can grab a bite and hear a new band!

13. Yellow Springs


Yellow Springs is one of the coolest towns in Ohio. Home to hippies, hipsters, farmers, and visitors, it is a town full of local coffee shops and anti chain stores. It also has some great restaurants and hiking to make a perfect day trip!

14. Dayton Inspires


For as unassuming as it is, Dayton is an incredible city with amazing places. It inspires people to keep growing, changing, and evolving!

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