Quiz: You Can Only Get 10/15 On This Test If You're A Paramedic


Could you make it as a paramedic?

Answer these questions on common terms and general knowledge that all paramedics should be familiar with!

 Aug 18, 2017
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CPR is comprised of which two basic steps?
Defribillation and saline drip
Compressions and blow
Heimlich maneuver and apply bandage
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What does "PMS" stand for?
Pressure Maximum Standard
Pink, Middle, Sternum
Pulse, Motor, Sensory
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What does "GSW" stand for?
Geriatric scene waiting
Grand sitting wing
Gun shot wound
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What's a BVM?
Bile Vent Mechanism - used to remove bile
Big Voice Marker- a status of certain paramedics
Bag Valve Mask - used to manually ventilate the lungs
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What does "SOB" actually stand for?
Slippery On Back
Stuff Outside Body
Shortness Of Breath
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Which is NOT one of the primary vital signs?
Respiratory rate
Lung capacity
Blood pressure
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Who is allowed to ride in an ambulance with a patient?
One family member or friend
A small group of family members
Only a spouse or blood relative
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What does it mean to suture a wound?
Removing it
Examining it
Stitching it up
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What is a "pram"?
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What are the two main categories that emergency calls are classified as?
Medical and Trauma
Code Red and Code Blue
A-level and B-level
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What is another name for the spinal board used to support a patient?
Padded board
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What's the difference between an EMT and a paramedic?
Paramedics only need a high school diploma to begin working
EMTs need a doctorate to work
Paramedics need more education than an EMT
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What is another name for "the rig"?
The hospital
The ambulance
The taxi
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What does a defibrillator do?
Sutures a wound
It delivers a shock to the heart
Provides oxygen to the lungs
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What is the process of determining the priority of patients' treatment based on the severity of their condition?
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