Harry Potter Quiz: Which Magical Family Is Your Family?

Who's got your back?

 Apr 23, 2018
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Question: 1/21Pick Your Answer!

Which Weasley's Wizard Wheezes product do you want?
Extendable Ears
Anti-Gravity Hat
Reusable Hangman

Question: 2/21Pick Your Answer!

What do you want from Borgin and Burkes?
Evil-looking mask
Vanishing Cabinets
Hand of Glory

Question: 3/21Pick Your Answer!

What position would you play in quidditch?

Question: 4/21Pick Your Answer!

Which Hogwarts creature would you like to meet?
The Giant Squid

Question: 5/21Pick Your Answer!

What would you hate to Splinch?

Question: 6/21Pick Your Answer!

Which of these would you love to receive as a gift?
A book
Something homemade

Question: 7/21Pick Your Answer!

What is your favorite wizarding exclamation?
Merlin's beard!
Merlin's pants!
For Merlin's sake!

Question: 8/21Pick Your Answer!

Who is your favorite animagus?
Sirius Black
Minerva McGonagall
Rita Skeeter

Question: 9/21Pick Your Answer!

Which of these would you most like to be born as?

Question: 10/21Pick Your Answer!

What is your favorite thing off the trolley?
Pumpkin pasty
Bertie Botts
Licorice wand

Question: 11/21Pick Your Answer!

What is your least favorite Triwizard Task?
The maze
The Black Lake

Question: 12/21Pick Your Answer!

What would you drink in the magical world?
Sparkling water

Question: 13/21Pick Your Answer!

What is your favorite kind of gathering?

Question: 14/21Pick Your Answer!

What badge do you want from the series?
Support Cedric Diggory!
Weasley is Our King

Question: 15/21Pick Your Answer!

What is your favorite color?

Question: 16/21Pick Your Answer!

What is your favorite place in Diagon Alley?
Florean Fortescue's
The Leaky Cauldron

Question: 17/21Pick Your Answer!

What magical creature would you prefer to face?

Question: 18/21Pick Your Answer!

What Ministry of Magic department would you work in?
Law Enforcement
International Cooperation
Games and Sports

Question: 19/21Pick Your Answer!

What is your favorite Snape quote?
"Turn to page 394."
"I can teach how to bottle fame..."

Question: 20/21Pick Your Answer!

If you had to choose, which of these would you wear?
Hagrid's moleskin coat
Dudley's Smelting's uniform
Ron's dress robes to the Yule Ball

Question: 21/21Pick Your Answer!

If you could choose, where would you spend your summer?
The Burrow
Grimmauld Place
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