Hogwarts Quiz: What % Wizard Are You?

Harry Potter via WarnerBros.

Maybe your acceptance letter just got lost in transit!

A quiz that will determine just how much of a magical being you are, depending on how much you know of the wizarding world of Harry Potter!

 Mar 05, 2020

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What color does a portkey glow?

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Where in England is Diagon Alley?

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St. Mungo's is a hospital disguised as what kind of shop?
Paper & Ink

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What is a common core used in wands?
Acromantula fiber
Eagle feather
Unicorn hair

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What is a widely accepted fact in wandlore?
The wizard chooses the wand
The wizard is the wand
The wand chooses the wizard

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What are gobstones?
Pebbles that explode and reconstruct itself
Marbles filled with a foul-smelling liquid
Minerals with small, fuzzy tentacles

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The Quidditch World Cup is held every ______ years.

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How would you describe a garden gnome?
Tiny Santa Clauses with fishing rods
Small, fuzzy balls with antennae
Small potatoes with legs

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What do you use to write?
Ballpoint pen

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How many knuts are in a sickle?

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How many sickles are in a galleon?

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Which of these is NOT usually on wizarding mail?
Recipient's address
Recipient's name

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What day is there no mail in the wizarding world?
No day

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Around what age do wizards usually start showing magical abilities?

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What do they say about wand of elder?
"Felled her"
"Get helter-skelter"
"Never prosper"

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It is said that witches who are born in which month marry muggles?

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Which is the incantation for a cleaning spell?

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What are Squibs?
People whose magical abilities have been suppressed
Muggles born with magical abilities
People born into wizard families but without magical ability

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Where was Gryffindor born?
Ottery St. Catchpole
Godric's Hollow

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At what age is the Trace lifted?

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What is a traditional gift for a wizard who's come of age?
A letter
A book
A watch

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How does the Trace work?
The Ministry is alerted if someone reports magical activity
The Ministry is alerted if you use magic
The Ministry is alerted if someone nearby uses magic
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