Hogwarts Quiz: What % Hermione Granger Are You?


“Honestly, am I the only person who’s ever bothered to read Hogwarts, A History?”

A quiz that will show you just how Hermione Granger you are, testing your likes, dislikes, and everything in between!

 Feb 05, 2018
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What would you say is your greatest strength?
2 of 15Pick your answer!
What would be your ideal vacation?
Museum tour
Caribbean cruise
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What would amortentia smell like to you?
New book smell
Freshly mowed grass
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What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
Hole up in a bookstore or library
Go out with friends
Stay at home and relax (finally)
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In a team, what role do you usually end up filling?
6 of 15Pick your answer!
What is your spirit animal?
7 of 15Pick your answer!
What is your Hogwarts house?
8 of 15Pick your answers!
How do you feel about flying?
It's horrible
I love it!
I don't mind it
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What is your greatest fear?
Being alone
The unknown
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Which Triwizard Task would be the easiest for you?
The lake
The maze
The dragon
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What is your favorite subject at Hogwarts?
Care of Magical Creatures
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When someone hurts your friend, what do you do?
Focus on your friend
Hurt them back
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What is your favorite color?
14 of 15Pick your answer!
Choose a book!
Order of the Phoenix
The Half-Blood Prince
Chamber of Secrets
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If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Costa Rica
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