Harry Potter Quiz: Can You Pass This Draco Malfoy Memory Quiz?



An exhaustive quiz on everything about Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series, from his birthday to his life at Hogwarts.

 Mar 05, 2018
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What magical creature injures Draco in his third year?
Blast-Ended Skrewt
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In sixth year, what spell does Harry use against Draco?
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Who does Draco choose as his 'second' in the Midnight Duel from first year?
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Draco was a part of what in fifth year?
The Inimitable Squad
The Inquisitorial Squad
The Inspector Squad
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What kind of broomstick does Draco have?
Comet 260
Nimbus 2001
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Who is Draco's favorite professor?
Severus Snape
Horace Slughorn
Quirinus Quirrell
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Where is Malfoy Manor?
Ottery St. Catchpole
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What is Draco Malfoy's patronus?
He can't make one
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What position does Draco play on the Hogwarts team?
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Who is Draco's aunt?
Molly Weasley
Andromeda Tonks
Rita Skeeter
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Which of these is Draco's wand?
Holly and phoenix feather, 11"
Hawthorn and unicorn hair, 10"
Oak and dragon heartstring, 10 1/2"
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Who is Draco's grandfather?
Lucius Malfoy
Abraxus Malfoy
Phineus Nigellus Malfoy
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What animal did Moody turn Draco into in Goblet of Fire?
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In which book did Draco become a Death Eater?
Deathly Hallows
Half-Blood Prince
Goblet of Fire
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Who is Draco's other aunt?
Fleur Delacour
Bellatrix Lestrange
Narcissa Black
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What kind of owl does Draco have?
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What Dark Object does Draco own?
Slytherin's locket
Hand of Glory
A pack of bloody cards
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When is Draco's birthday?
June 5
July 31
December 10
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Who are Draco's two 'henchmen'?
Crabbe and Goyle
Yaxley and Travers
Macnair and Mulciber
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Who does Malfoy take to the Yule Ball?
Millicent Bulstrode
Pansy Parkinson
Astoria Greengrass
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Who does Draco eventually marry?
Astoria Greengrass
Luna Lovegood
Pansy Parkinson
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Who is Draco's son?
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