Hogwarts Quiz: These 16 Qs Will Reveal Which Wizard Is Your Soulmate

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Which wizard is meant for you?

A quiz that will determine who exactly is your soulmate in the world of Harry Potter, depending on factors like your ideal first date!

 Aug 11, 2020

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Where in Hogsmeade would you go for your first date?
Shrieking Shack
The Three Broomsticks

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Which wand would you choose?
Cedar and unicorn hair, 10"
Dogwood and dragon heartstring, 10 1/2"
Ebony and thestral hair, 11"

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Which is your favorite Harry Potter book?
The Goblet of Fire
The Chamber of Secrets
The Half-Blood Prince

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What Dumbledore quote resonates with you most?
"Let us...pursue that flighty temptress, adventure."
"We must try not to sink beneath our anguish...but battle on."
"Why on Earth should that mean it is not real?"

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If you could be a magical drink, what would you be?
Pumpkin juice

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What candy would you buy from Honeydukes?
Edible Dark Mark
Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
Levitating sherbet balls

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Would you celebrate anniversaries with your magical soulmate?

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What is your favorite season?

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Which dragon would you ride?
Peruvian Vipertooth
Hungarian Horntail
Common Welsh Green

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Choose a Hogwarts elective to study!
Care of Magical Creatures
Study of Ancient Runes

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Which magical school would you like to visit?

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What magical gift would you like from your soulmate?
Dr. Filibuster's Fireworks
Enchanted music box

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Which Hogwarts portrait would you like to meet?
Phineus Nigellus Black
The ticklish pear
Sir Cadogan

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Choose an owl!

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Where would you like to go in England?
Greater London

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What muggle place would you take your wizard to for a date?
Netflix and chill
Amusement park
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