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 Feb 26, 2019
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What is the Grey Lady's actual name?
Elizabeth Ravenclaw
Helena Ravenclaw
Rowena Ravenclaw

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Who were Gryffindor's beaters in Harry's sixth year?
Taylor and Davies
The Weasley twins
Coote and Peakes

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When Harry checked the date in Riddle's diary, it was from ______ years ago.

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Dumbledore taught what subject before becoming headmaster?
Defense Against the Dark Arts

Question: 5/15Pick your answer!

Which educational degree disbanded clubs in Hogwarts?

Question: 6/15Pick your answer!

Who drives the Knight Bus?
Stan Shunpike
Tom Robinson
Ernie Prang

Question: 7/15Pick your answer!

During the battle of Hogwarts, Trelawney used ________ to maim death eaters.
sherry bottles
tea cups
crystal balls

Question: 8/15Pick your answer!

In what year did the Marauders become animagi?

Question: 9/15Pick your answer!

Which of these does Hermione NOT smell from amortentia?
New parchment
Laundry detergent
Freshly mown grass

Question: 10/15Pick your answer!

What is the name of Vernon Dursley's company?

Question: 11/15Pick your answer!

What are the objects that Gringotts goblins use to subdue dragons?

Question: 12/15Pick your answer!

What drink does Flitwick get when Harry's hiding in the Three Broomsticks?
Cherry syrup and soda
Mulled mead

Question: 13/15Pick your answer!

What is the first nonverbal spell Harry ever performed?

Question: 14/15Pick your answer!

Which of these is the name of Dudley's friend?
Piers Polkiss
Dirk Cresswell
Frank Bryce

Question: 15/15Pick your answer!

Who does Fred take to the Yule Ball?
Katie Bell
Alicia Spinnett
Angelina Johnson
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