Quiz: Only Someone Who Went To Culinary School Can Spot The Cooking Error

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Will you be the one on the chopping block?

Questions that test the quiz taker's culinary skills at every step of the way, from food preparation, the actual cooking, and after the food is done

 Jun 21, 2017
1 of 12What's wrong here?
I crank the oven up to 350 degrees, and then immediately put the brownie batter in.
You should be baking brownies on the stove
You didn't preheat the oven
350 degrees is too high
2 of 12What's wrong here?
I stuff as much chicken as I can onto my pan, so that I can't see the bottom.
You're overcrowding the pan
It's healthier to eat chicken raw
You're supposed to cook chicken in the oven
3 of 12What's wrong here?
I measure one cup of flour in a liquid measuring cup.
For accurate measurement of dry ingredients, you should use spoons
There are no such things as liquid measuring cups
Why do you need so much flour?
4 of 12What's wrong here?
I take a steak out of the freezer and toss it on the pan.
You threw food. What if it fell?
You're not supposed to freeze meat.
You didn't wait for the steak to reach room temperature
5 of 12What's wrong here?
I toss my non-stick pan on the stove and then add my fish.
Pans go in the oven.
You shouldn't use a non-stick pan for fish.
Again with the tossing
6 of 12What's wrong here?
I'm following a recipe to the letter, so there's no need to taste it.
You should taste it.
You're never supposed to follow EVERYTHING a recipe says
Don't see a problem here.
7 of 12What's wrong here?
I wash my vegetables and then transfer them straight into the pan.
You didn't dry the vegetables before putting them in the pan
You have to oil vegetables before putting them in the pan
You're not supposed to wash vegetables
8 of 12What's wrong here?
I add garlic, tomatoes, asparagus, and then eggs to my pan.
Asparagus should be added after the eggs
What in the world are you making?
You should add garlic last
9 of 12What's wrong here?
My steak is done cooking, so I immediately chow down.
You should let meat rest for a few minutes after cooking
Where's the plate? The utensils??
Ladies don't "chow down"
10 of 12What's wrong here?
I use a dull knife to cut my veggies because that's safer than a sharp knife
You should tear vegetables with your hands, not cut them
No, you're right
A sharp knife is actually safer
11 of 12What's wrong here?
I just took my cupcakes out of the oven, now I'll immediately start frosting them
You must frost cupcakes before the oven, so the frosting can cook
You have to dip the cupcakes in sugar water first
The frosting will melt because the cupcakes are too hot
12 of 12What's wrong here?
I ordered a bakers dozen and received 12 donuts.
A baker's dozen is always 13
A bakers dozen means half. I should have gotten 6 donuts
A bakers dozen refers to cookies, never donuts
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