Quiz: Only People With An IQ Of 130 Can Spot The Typo In 2 Mins Or Less!

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How smart are you?

Try to identify all the typos in these sentences! From simple to complex, if you can identify them all you have to be a genius!

 Sep 10, 2017

1 of 15Spot the typo!

Harry Potter is the west.
the = thee
west = best
west = test

2 of 15Spot the typo!

My dress has a lot of sports!
sports = spots
a lot = alot
dress = tress

3 of 15Spot the typo!

Pedestrians have the write of way.
way = wait
have = hate
write = right

4 of 15Spot the typo!

One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Flu = Flew
One = Won
Cuckoo = Cucku

5 of 15Spot the typo!

I'd love to meat a celebrity.
celebrity = celebritty
a = an
meat = meet

6 of 15Spot the typo!

Waving a hand in farewell, he said, "Buy!"
Buy = Bye
farewell = fairwell
Waving = Waiving

7 of 15Spot the typo!

Alas, it was all in vane.
Alas = Alus
vane = vain
vane = vein

8 of 15Pick your answer!

We waited in line for ours.
sheer = shear
line = lighne
ours = hours

9 of 15Spot the typo!

Can you sea the horizon?
horizon = horison
sea = see
the = thee

10 of 15Spot the typo!

Take he'd of what I'm about to tell you.
what = wut
about = aboot
he'd = heed

11 of 15Spot the typo!

"How rood!" he cried out.
cried = cryed
rood = rude
out = our

12 of 15Spot the typo!

Deer Hiring Manager, I want to apply for this job.
Hiring = Highering
Deer = Dear
Manager = Womanager

13 of 15Spot the typo!

"Look at how much you've groan!" she exclaimed.
groan = grown
Look = Luke
much = must

14 of 15Spot the typo!

She jumped at the sudden peel of thunder.
peel = pearl
sudden = sodden
peel = peal

15 of 15Spot the typo!

Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good knight till it be morrow.
sweet = sweat
shall = will
knight = night
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