Quiz: Only Baby Boomers Will Be Able To Get 10/15 On This Music Quiz


You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. You must be too!

A quiz on the most classic songs and artists from the period of the baby boomers, such as John Lennon's "Imagine."

 Nov 07, 2017
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Do you love the Rolling Stones? Can you sing every line of Stairway to Heaven? How about Billie Jean by Michael Jackson? Did you know that Michael Jackson grew up in Gary, Indiana?

If you are intrigued by any of these questions, this is a great and fun test for you! All of these questions and more will determine whether or not you are a true grammar guru. Only baby boomers can get 10/15 on this music quiz!! This 15 question test will bring you back to the good days by asking you lyrics and music questions. This baby boomer music test is a great way to keep your mind agile, to test your intelligence, and frankly, to have a lot of fun.

Women.com specializes in entertaining, delightful, and silly quizzes that will be a momentary escape from the chaotic world around us. Whether you're a rabid 80s music fan or a proud hometown girl from the Midwest, we've got quizzes that will speak to every aspect of who you are and what you love! Challenge yourself with this ultimate baby boomer test. This test will challenge every corner of your brain and truly give you a fun two and a half minute experience.

Do you think you are ready to take on the ultimate baby boomer music test? Give it a shot! And don't forget to share it with your friends at the end to see if they're as smart as you are! We hope you enjoy the test!!

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