Quiz: Only A True Texan Can Get 10/15 On This Alamo Challenge

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How much do you remember?

A quiz on the famous Battle of the Alamo, including questions on the intricacies of the battle and, of course, its heroes.

 Oct 03, 2017
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What is the phrase most associated with the Alamo?
"Remember the Alamo"
"This was the Alamo"
"Never forget the Alamo"
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When was this phrase first used?
When the Texans were annexed into the U.S
When the opposing general was executed
When Houston won the revolution months later
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The Alamo was a part of Texas' revolution against what country?
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What did the Texas revolutionaries call themselves?
The New Texas State
The Union of Texas
The Republic of Texas
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Who is probably the most famous soldier from the Alamo?
Davy Crockett
Alexander Hamilton
George Washington
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What is "The Alamo" named for?
The cottonwood trees in the area where the battle took place
The first California mission
The president of Mexico at the time
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The Texans fought against which Mexican general?
Hernan Cortes
Pancho Villa
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
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Who commanded the Texan revolutionaries?
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
James Bowie and William Travis
Nat Turner and Thomas Jefferson
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For how many days did the Texans hold down the fort?
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The battle happened near what modern-day city?
San Antonio
El Paso
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Which commander famously offered the Texans a choice to fight by drawing a line in the ground?
William Travis
Robert Evans
James Bowie
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What does the "Runaway Scrape" refer to?
The mass of people who reported the events of the Alamo
Mexicans being run out of Texas after the Alamo
Texans fleeing eastward after the Alamo
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Who was one of the people spared after the fighting stopped?
Gregorio Esparza
James Bowie
Susannah Dickinson
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Where were the noncombatants of the Alamo sent to report what had happened?
San Antonio
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Who was one of the last people standing at the Alamo?
Emily Dickinson
William Travis
Davy Crockett
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