Hogwarts Quiz: Only A TRUE Potterhead Will Know These 22 Hilarious Scenes


How Sirius are you about Harry Potter?

A quiz that will test just how well you know the Harry Potter series, especially the most hilarious moments of all eight movies.

 Mar 05, 2018
1 of 22What happened?
Ron just asked Fleur to the Yule Ball
They looked into the Mirror of Erised
Ron looks like his Great Aunt Muriel
2 of 22What is happening?
Fred is asking Angelina to the Ball
Fred is making fun of Ron's dancing
George is demonstrating how to dance
3 of 22What is happening?
Skeeter is trying to interview Harry
Skeeter is grilling Ron for info on Harry
Skeeter is telling Harry about Malfoy
4 of 22What happened?
Malfoy didn't know Goyle could read
Malfoy didn't know Goyle knew about Azkaban
Malfoy didn't know Goyle got headaches
5 of 22What happened?
Neville lost his remembrall
Ron was hit with a broom
Malfoy got scolded by Madam Hooch
6 of 22What is happening?
Hermione is about to punch Malfoy
Hermione is about to kick Malfoy
Hermione is about to jinx Malfoy
7 of 22What is happening?
Harry is reluctantly participating in Gilderoy's class
Harry is reluctantly agreeing to impersonate a wolf
Harry is reluctantly getting photographed
8 of 22What happened?
The Apparition examiners noticed Ron splinched himself
The twins tried to cross Dumbledore's age line
They have seen a boggart
9 of 22What happened?
Malfoy turned into a ferret
Harry has to try and catch the ferret
A ferret sneaked into Gryffindor Tower
10 of 22What happened?
Ron accidentally took love potion
Ron just got Krum's autograph
Ron just kissed Hermione
11 of 22What is happening?
McGonagall is teaching a new spell
They are preparing for the Yule Ball
Ron has detention
12 of 22What is happening?
The twins set off their fireworks
A small dragon is attacking Hogwarts
Harry pulled a prank on Umbridge
13 of 22What happened?
Seamus tried to transfigure his water
Seamus tried to fix his wand
Seamus tried to levitate a feather
14 of 22What happened?
Ron failed to turn Scabbers yellow
It's leviOsa, not levioSA
Hermione took Ron's feather
15 of 22What happened?
Neville cast Riddikulus on a boggart
Neville accidentally transfigured Snape's clothes
Lupin stole Snape's clothes
16 of 22What happened?
Moody turned Malfoy into a ferret
Harry just asked Cho out
Harry accidentally spit out his drink
17 of 22What happened?
Aragog's funeral and felix felicis
Celebrating Bill and Fleur's wedding
Firewhiskey and Dumbledore's Army
18 of 22What happened?
Hermione just left after scolding Scabbers
Hermione told them to finish their homework
Hermione just went to bed after seeing Fluffy
19 of 22What happened?
Harry accidentally took a love potion
Harry is dreaming
Everyone drank polyjuice to look like Harry
20 of 22What happened?
George caught Harry and Ginny kissing
George caught Ron and Hermione kissing
George caught Ron looking at Hermione
21 of 22What happened?
Snape caught them talking instead of working
Ron wouldn't turn to page 394
Snape wanted to see what they're drawing
22 of 22What is happening?
Umbridge is asking Snape for veritaserum
Umbridge is getting Snape's employment history
Umbridge is asking Snape about his love life
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