Quiz: Only A True Motley Crue Fan Can Name These 13 Hit Songs By One Line


"Get as rude as possible and don't let anyone tell you how to live" - Mick Mars

Questions on lyrics taken from famous songs by the Motley Crue, such as "Home Sweet Home" and "Kickstart My Heart."

 Sep 25, 2017
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You know I'm a dreamer, but my heart's of gold
Live Wire
Don't Go Away Mad
Home Sweet Home
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Skydive naked from an aeroplane, or a lady with a body from outer space
You're All I Need
Girls, Girls, Girls
Kickstart My Heart
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I carry my crucifix under my deathlist, forward my mail to me in hell
Dr. Feelgood
Ten Second to Love
Wild Side
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Long legs and burgundy lips....dancin' down on the Sunset strip
Girls, Girls, Girls
Smokin' in the Boy's Room
Saints of Los Angeles
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There's no change, my nights and days are grey
Hooligan's Holiday
Looks That Kill
Without You
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Plug me in I'm alive tonight, out on the streets again
Live Wire
If I Die Tomorrow
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If you want to live life on your own terms, you got to be willing to crash and burn
Same Ol' Situation
Knock 'em Dead, Kid
Primal Scream
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Sitting in the classroom, thinking it's a drag
Sticky Sweet
Smokin' in the Boy's Room
On with the Show
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He's the one that makes ya feel alright
Too Young to Fall in Love
Hell on High Heels
Dr. Feelgood
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As the minutes fade away, I can't remember, have I said all I can say?
Slice of Your Pie
Starry Eyes
If I Die Tomorrow
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But in seasons of wither, we'll stand and deliver, be strong and laugh
Shout at the Devil
Piece of Your Action
All Bad Things
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You say our love is like dynamite, open your eyes 'cause it's like fire and ice
Too Young to Fall in Love
Time for Change
Anarchy in the U.K.
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That's alright, that's okay, we were two kids in love trying to find our way
Helter Skelter
Don't Go Away Mad
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