Quiz: Only A True HP Fan Will Know What Happens Next In These Scenes

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How's your Inner Eye?

A quiz on scenes from all eight Harry Potter movies! Can you remember what happens right after these scenes?

 Apr 09, 2020

1 of 22What Happens Next?

Dumbledore makes the End-of-Term speech
Harry rides his Firebolt
Harry and Hermione use the Time-Turner

2 of 22What Happens Next?

Harry opens a screaming book
Harry gets caught by Filch
Harry learns about Nicolas Flamel

3 of 22What Happens Next?

Harry and Hermione rescue Buckbeak
Harry and Hermione run away from Remus
Harry and Hermione rescue Sirius

4 of 22What Happens Next?

McGonagall yells at them for attacking Malfoy
They go to the Third Floor Corridor
They confront Hagrid about Fluffy

5 of 22What Happens Next?

They kiss
They destroy the Cup
They try to escape the Chamber

6 of 22What Happens Next?

Voldemort slaps Harry
Voldemort kills Cedric
Voldemort touches Harry's scar

7 of 22What Happens Next?

They go back in time
Hermione explains what a Time-Turner is
Hermione hugs Harry

8 of 22What Happens Next?

Harry visits Dumbledore to see Ogden's memory
Slughorn sells Hagrid firewhiskey
Harry gets Slughorn's memory

9 of 22What Happens Next?

Ginny wakes up
Fawkes appears
The basilisk appears

10 of 22What Happens Next?

Everyone runs for their lives
Dumbledore appears
Lucius takes the prophecy from Harry

11 of 22What Happens Next?

Harry and Ron crash into the barrier
Harry and Ron run through the barrier
Harry and Ron find a compartment

12 of 22What Happens Next?

Harry tells Hermione to leave
Dumbledore tells Hermione to leave
Hermione hugs Harry

13 of 22What Happens Next?

Ron gets knocked over the head with a club
Harry, Ron, and Hermione become best friends
Harry loses ten house points

14 of 22What Happens Next?

Draco and Harry fight
Draco realizes how to fix the cabinet
Draco eats an apple

15 of 22What Happens Next?

Draco conjures a snake
Harry attacks with Rictusempra
Draco attacks

16 of 22What Happens Next?

Hermione punches Ron
Ron walks out
Ron punches Harry

17 of 22What Happens Next?

Harry and Ron drag Hermione away
Hermione punches Draco
Hermione jinxes Draco

18 of 22What Happens Next?

Draco gets punched by Harry
Draco gets turned into a ferret
Draco gets attacked by Buckbeak

19 of 22What Happens Next?

Weasleys' Wildfire Whizbangs
Harry sneaks off to see Hagrid
Harry has a dream about Sirius

20 of 22What Happens Next?

Harry learns about Snape's friendship with Lily
Harry finds Gryffindor's sword
Harry destroys the locket

21 of 22What Happens Next?

Snape kills Dumbledore
Bellatrix kills Dumbledore
Draco kills Dumbledore

22 of 22What Happens Next?

Nineteen years later
Dumbledore's funeral
Battle with Voldemort
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