Quiz: Only A True Harry Potter Fan Knows The Meaning Of These 16 Words


You'll need some Felix Felicis for this one.

How well do you actually know the Wizarding World? Test how well you could ingratiate yourself into the world of magic, ghosts, and dragons!

 Nov 07, 2017
1 of 16What does this word mean?
Ordinary Wizarding Levels
Owls Without Laughter
Outstanding Wizarding Levels
2 of 16What does this word mean?
Giant spider
Norwegian Ridgeback
Three-headed dog
3 of 16What does this word mean?
Clothing store (where Harry first meets Draco)
Wand shop (established since 382 BC)
Joke shop (later renamed Wizard Wheezes)
4 of 16What does this word mean?
A substance that gives the user fish-like qualities
An instrument that holds the user's memories
A ball in Quidditch handled by the Catchers and Keepers
5 of 16What does this word mean?
Sorting Hat
Try it on and it tells you where you ought to be
A protective garment used to sort plants in Herbology
It makes your head invisible; rather clever, actually
6 of 16What does this word mean?
Polyjuice potion
Truth serum that is clear, colourless, and odourless
Transformation potion (only for human use)
Love potion with a distinctive mother-of-pearl sheen
7 of 16What does this word mean?
Bank in Diagon Alley run by goblins
The name of Hagrid's hut
French wizarding school
8 of 16What does this word mean?
A witch or wizard who is unable to perform magic
A witch or wizard born into a non-wizarding family
Any witch or wizard born into a pureblood family
9 of 16What does this word mean?
Deathly Hallows
A children's story from The Tales of Beedle the Bard
Objects that makes the possessor master of death
Objects that contain part of one's soul
10 of 16What does this word mean?
A being that transforms into one's worst fears
The imprint of a departed soul left upon the earth
A creature that sucks all the happiness out of someone
11 of 16What does this word mean?
Treacle tart
Harry's favorite dessert
Otherwise known as Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
Hagrid's cement-like desserts
12 of 16What does this word mean?
Highly trained officers in the Department of Law
Employees in the Department of Mysteries
Special healers at St. Mungo's Hospital
13 of 16What does this word mean?
An instrument that lights up when enemies are near
A device that reminds the user of things they've forgotten
An object magicked into being a teleportation device
14 of 16What does this word mean?
The name of a wizard's patronus
A magical pet, usually an owl, cat, or toad
A wizard who can transform into an animal at will
15 of 16What does this word mean?
To make an object fly towards you
To make an object fly away from you
To teleport from one place to another
16 of 16What does this word mean?
Someone who uses snakes as horcruxes
Someone who can conjure up serpents at will
Someone who can speak to snakes
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