Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Can Ace This Military Test. Can You?

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Are you a born soldier??

Take this fun and easy quiz on everything there is to know about the United States military, from its organization to soldiers' daily lives.

 Feb 21, 2017

1 of 13Pick your answer!

What is the test that people who want to join the military have to take?

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How many main branches are there to the US Military?

3 of 13Pick your answer!

Who is responsible for all final decisions regarding the military?
The Vice President of the United States
The President of the United States
The Secretary of the Department of Defense

4 of 13True or False:

Certain branches of the military have restrictions on where you can have tattoos

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How would military officer say 6:00 am?
6 am
0 600 hours
breakfast time

6 of 13Pick your answer!

How do you great a military officer?
high five

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What is the college program that trains students to become officers?

8 of 13Pick your answer!

What does the Coast Guard NOT do?
helps border control
makes airplanes
helps with ocean rescues

9 of 13Pick your answer!

What are you allowed to bring to boot camp?
Playing cards

10 of 13Pick your answer!

_________ has the largest military.

11 of 13Pick your answer!

Before you join the military you must attend..
english classes
boot camp
cooking school

12 of 13Pick your answer!

What is a "medic"?
a therapist
health care specialist
a nurse

13 of 13Pick your answer!

What the name of a large body of troops ready for battle?
a battalion
a group
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