Hogwarts Quiz: If You Fail This Harry Potter Quiz, You're A Muggle


Are you a witch or not???

A quiz that will determine if you actually have magical powers or not, depending on how much you know about the magical universe of Harry Potter!

 Apr 02, 2018
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In the beginning, Hagrid said Harry fell asleep while flying over what city?
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A basilisk hatches from what kind of egg?
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What is the incantation for the Reverse Spell?
Priori Incantanto
Devant Devotio
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What page did Snape tell the class to turn to in PoA?
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The prefect's bathroom is by whose statue?
Boris the Bewildered
Wendelin the Weird
The hump-backed witch
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Who was captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team in Harry's fifth year?
Oliver Wood
Angelina Johnson
Katie Bell
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Who was Draco talking to when Harry caught him in the bathroom?
Vincent Crabbe
Moaning Myrtle
Severus Snape
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What was Skeeter's nickname for Dumbledore's friend, Elphias Doge?
Dunghead Doge
Doofus Doge
Dogbreath Doge
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How many times did Harry see the Mirror of Erised?
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The trio missed which Hogwarts feast to go to Nick's deathday party?
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How should someone approach a hippogriff?
Bow and maintain eye contact
Loudly from behind
Kneel and avoid its eyes
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The only word Ludo Bagman knows in Gobbledegook is the word for what?
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Who was sending nifflers into Umbridge's office?
Seamus Finnigan
Lee Jordan
Rubeus Hagrid
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Who was the Ministry employee sent to the Gaunts' house?
Bob Ogden
Jimmy Peakes
Gary Newman
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Harry actually attended the start-of-term feast for which year?
Goblet of Fire
Prisoner of Azkaban
Chamber of Secrets
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In which year did Harry NOT go to the Hog's Head?
Order of the Phoenix
Deathly Hallows
Half-Blood Prince
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What is the name of Bill and Fleur's place?
Shell Cottage
Sea House
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What is the first line of the Hogwarts song?
Whether we be old and bald or young with scabby knees
Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy, Warty Hogwarts
Teach us something please
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Who is the last victim petrified by the basilisk?
Mrs. Norris
Penelope Clearwater
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What is Regulus Black's middle name?
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How many classes did Hermione take in third year?
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What are the last words in Goblet of Fire?
He would have to meet it when it did
Through the gateway to the Muggle world
A much better summer than the last
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