Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone?


Are you a witch or not?

A quiz on the Harry Potter book (and movie) that started it all, including questions on everything from Fluffy to the Mirror of Erised.

 Jan 29, 2018
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What street do the Dursleys live on?
Magnolia Road
Privet Drive
Grimmauld Place
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What animal does Harry speak to at the zoo?
Snowy owl
Boa constrictor
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What is Hagrid's job at Hogwarts?
Keeper of keys and grounds
Magical maintenance
Transfigurations professor
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What is the platform number for the Hogwarts Express?
Eleven and one half
Nine and three quarters
Eight and one third
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Whose chocolate frog card does Harry first get?
Albus Dumbledore
Nicolas Flamel
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What is Harry's first broomstick?
Comet 260
Nimbus 2000
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Which floor is forbidden in the Sorcerer's Stone?
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Why is it forbidden?
It holds the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets
There is a large, three-headed dog
It has the Mirror of Erised
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The Mirror of Erised shows not your face, but your _________.
friends and family
heart's desire
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Hagrid secretly hatches what kind of animal?
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Which centaur saves Harry in the Forbidden Forest?
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Who did Harry suspect to be after the Sorcerer's Stone?
Professor Snape
Draco Malfoy
Professor Kettleburn
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Who was actually after the Sorcerer's Stone?
Professor Snape
Vincent Crabbe
Professor Quirrell
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Why was he after the Stone?
To impress Voldemort
To help fund Voldemort's schemes
To resurrect Voldemort
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Who wins the House Cup?
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