Quiz: How Much Do You ACTUALLY Know About Quidditch, The Sport?


"Just because I told her I didn't care if it threw you off, as long as you caught the snitch..."

A quiz about the great wizarding game of Quidditch, varying from how it is actually played to a brief bout into its history.

 Feb 26, 2020

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How many balls are in play during a Quidditch match?

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How many players are there in a game?

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Who played during the 422nd Quidditch World Cup?
France vs. Norway
England vs. Russia
Ireland vs. Bulgaria

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Originally, what was used in place of the Snitch?
One of the bludgers

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Which of these is a special Seeker move?
Player Flyby
Wronksi Feint
Krum's Sticky Fingers

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What is a special move that can be used by any player?
Sloth Grip Roll
Broom Hold
Aggressive Batting Block

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How many Chasers are there in one team?

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How many Beaters are there?

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Where was the first-ever reported game of Quidditch held?
Kwiditch Field
Queerditch Marsh
Quaditch Lake

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The Quidditch World Cup takes place every _______ years.

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Which position on a team usually gets the most injuries?

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Harry Potter was the youngest Seeker in _______.
20 years
a century
a millenium

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Unlike the other balls, what is special about the Snitch?
It records who first touched it
It moves on its own
It's designed to sustain higher altitudes

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How many points does a team get for scoring a Quaffle?

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How many points do they get for catching the Snitch?
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