Hogwarts Quiz: Do You Know What' Happening In These 22 Harry Potter Scenes?


Do you really remember what happened?

A quiz on all eight of the movies from the Harry Potter series! Can you remember over twenty of the scenes?

 Apr 16, 2018
1 of 22What is happening?
There's a dragon in the rafters
There's a troll in the dungeon
There's a giant in the bathroom
2 of 22What is happening?
Dumbledore is putting memories in his pensieve
Dumbledore is putting memories in a bottle
Dumbledore is giving memories to Harry
3 of 22What is happening?
Voldemort is asking for Lucius' wand
Voldemort is going to hit Lucius
Voldemort is telling Lucius about Draco's task
4 of 22What is happening?
Snape is fighting Voldemort
Snape is fighting Dumbledore
Snape is fighting McGonagall
5 of 22What is happening?
Ron's spell backfired
Harry tried to do Confringo
Seamus did a spell
6 of 22What is happening?
One brother is meeting his little brother
One brother is facing his resurrected wife
One brother is giving his Cloak to his son
7 of 22What is happening?
Harry is trying to clean his wand
The wand just chose Harry
Harry just learned about Voldemort
8 of 22Pick your answer!
Remus just turned into a werewolf
Dementors are coming
The dog just turned into Sirius
9 of 22What is happening?
A potion went horribly wrong
Everyone took Harry's Polyjuice Potion
They rounded up Death Eaters disguised as Harry
10 of 22What is happening?
Harry is trying to get his acceptance letter
Harry is getting fan mail
Harry is getting letters from his friends
11 of 22What is happening?
First riding lesson
First Triwizard task
First quidditch game
12 of 22What is happening?
Harry is introducing himself to Ron
Harry is introducing himself to Hermione
Harry is introducing himself to Neville
13 of 22What is happening?
Harry is talking to Cedric about Cho
Cedric is telling Harry about the prefect's bathroom
Harry is telling Cedric about the dragon
14 of 22What is happening?
They see Harry after fighting Quirrell
They see Dumbledore saving Harry
They see Draco getting detention
15 of 22What is happening?
George is asking Angelina about practice
Angelina is asking Harry about practice
Fred is asking Angelina out to the Ball
16 of 22What is happening?
They are looking at Barty's Dark Mark
They are interrogating Krum
They are looking at Cedric
17 of 22What is happening?
Harry is breaking Draco's wand
Harry is fixing his old wand
Harry is breaking the Elder Wand
18 of 22What is happening?
Harry is telling them about the invisibility cloak
The trio are having a snowball fight
Harry pranked Draco
19 of 22What is happening?
They are meeting Grawp
Buckbeak is about to be killed
Hagrid is about to be sent to Azkaban
20 of 22What is happening?
They just arrived at Hogsmeade
They are at the Gaunt House
They are at Riddle's cave
21 of 22What is happening?
Harry is serving Umbridge's detention
Umbridge is interrogating Harry
Harry was caught using Umbridge's fireplace
22 of 22What is happening?
Harry is pickup up his kids at Platform 9 3/4
Harry is talking to James about the Sorting
Harry is dropping his kids off at Hogwart's Express
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