Quiz: Can You Pass The Hogwarts Entrance Exam?


Can you scrape an Acceptable?

A quiz on the basic spells and history of Hogwarts to see how qualified people actually are to attend Hogwarts.

 Jan 08, 2018
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Where does a bezoar come from?
Distilled phoenix tears
Stomach of a goat
Dragon's lair
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What is the wand movement for the charm, Wingardium Leviosa?
Up and down
Swish and flick
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What is the spell that unlocks doors?
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What spell fixes broken objects?
Point Me
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What magical form of transportation is not possible at Hogwarts?
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What does the spell 'Lumos' do?
Summons objects
Provides light
Makes people laugh
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What is the counterspell to 'Lumos'?
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People who can turn into animals at will are called what?
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When would you use essence of dittany?
When you get a cut
When you're cold
When you have a crush
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What was Wendelin the Weird famous for?
Repeatedly getting tried as a witch on purpose
Messed up a spell and Conjured a buffalo on her chest
She founded the Weird Sisters
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Why can't students use cellphones at Hogwarts?
Magical disturbance renders them useless
They reduce the effectiveness of spells
Due to regular disturbance, they aren't allowed
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A basilisk can kill someone just by doing what?
Looking at them
Touching them
Hissing at them
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What is a parseltongue?
Someone who studies magical snakes
Someone who can talk to snakes
Someone whose animagus form is a snake
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In divination, what does the Grim mean?
A year of bad fortune
Your pet will die soon
You'll die soon
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What potion brings the drinker luck?
Felix Felicis
Pepper-Up Potions
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