Quiz: Can You Name These 15 Foods Everyone From Chicago Should Get?

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Are you a true foodie from the Windy City?

See how well you know the various dishes of Chicago, such as the indigenous Twinkie and the great deep dish pizza!

 Oct 19, 2017
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What kind of food is especially famous in Chicago?
Deep dish pizza
Pho noodles
Fried chicken
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What is a "fast food" popular in the Windy City?
Banana pepper salad
Pizza puffs
Sushi wrap
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Chicago is known for its abundant __________.
curry houses
Thai restaurants
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What is the most popular sandwich?
Sloppy Joe
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A MUST try is the Chicago-style ________.
chicken nuggets
Caesar salad
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What infamous drink is a popular crowd-pleaser?
Bloody Mary
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What delicious snack was invented in Chicago?
Baby carrots
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________ is a common popcorn brand in Chicago.
Cracker Jack
Little Bettie
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What kind of beef do people usually get in the Windy City?
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What new type of cuisine is getting more popular?
Molecular gastronomy
Parenthetical taste
Chevial satisfaction
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What savory dessert was first created in Chicago?
Chocolate brownies
Shaved ice
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What does a Jibarito sandwich use instead of bread?
Fried seaweed
Banana chips
Fried plaintains
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What kind of Greek dish is popular in Chicago?
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What two popcorn flavors would a Chicagoan buy?
Bacon and chocolate
Apple and cinnamon
Cheese and caramel
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Opa! _________ is a Greek dish of pan-seared cheese.
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