Quiz: Can You Match The Year To Its Historical Events?

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Questions on the dates of significant events from throughout history, ranging from 1400s to the 21st century.

 Oct 10, 2017

1 of 15What happened in this year?

Homer wrote the Odyssey
Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne
Columbus sailed the ocean blue

2 of 15What happened in this year?

Christianity was established
The US officially declared its independence
Abraham Lincoln became president

3 of 15What happened in this year?

The cotton gin was invented
The American Civil War started
Jane Austen published her first work

4 of 15What happened in this year?

The Vietnam War started
The Titanic sank
The first computer was created

5 of 15What happened in this year?

Women got the right to vote
The Battle of the Alamo
The first motion picture film was created

6 of 15What happened in this year?

Lewis and Clark's Expedition
Ghandi's Salt March
The French Revolution

7 of 15What happened in this year?

The Lascaux caves were discovered
The Cold War started
Pearl Harbor was attacked

8 of 15What happened in this year?

Shakespeare wrote his first play
The California Gold Rush began
Brown v. Board of Education ruled segregation illegal

9 of 15What happened in this year?

The first printing press was invented
Neil Armstrong walked on the moon
The first Harry Potter book came out

10 of 15What happened in this year?

The Gregorian calendar was issued
The Black Plague hit Europe
Roe v. Wade legalized abortion

11 of 15What happened in this year?

The Challenger explosion
M.L.K, Jr. made his "I have a dream" speech
The Panama Canal was finished

12 of 15What happened in this year?

The Rwandan genocide
DNA was discovered
WWII ended

13 of 15What happened in this year?

The Twin Towers were attacked
The stock market crashed
WWI started

14 of 15What happened in this year?

The first Black president of the US was elected
The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to J. Ames
The cure for the common cold was invented

15 of 15What happened in this year?

The Great Recession began
Osama bin Laden was assassinated
The iPhone was invented
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