Quiz: Can You Identify These 16 Harry Potter Foods?


Are you a Harry Potter foodie?

A quiz on the various magical food items from world of Harry Potter, from chocolate frogs to Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.

 Jan 01, 2018
1 of 16What is this food?
Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
Bilius' Beans of Every Flavor
Every Flavor Beans from Billy Bean
2 of 16What is this food?
Frog-filled Fudge
Froggy Toffee
Chocolate Frog
3 of 16What is this food?
Cauldron Cake
Fiery Frost
Kettle Fire
4 of 16What is this food?
Sandy Stoat
5 of 16What is this food?
Dungbeetle Dessert
Maggoty Haggis
Cockroach Clusters
6 of 16What is this food?
Acid Pops
Sour Sweets
Popping Poisons
7 of 16What is this food?
Tickling Tarts
Pumpkin Pasty
Canary Creams
8 of 16What is this food?
Sugar Sticks
Cotton Quills
Sugar Quills
9 of 16What is this food?
Split-level Sweets
Cotton Cubes
Fever Fudge
10 of 16What is this food?
Winding Wands
White Choco Wands
Licorice Wands
11 of 16What is this food?
Buzzing Beans
Fizzing Whizzbees
Fudge Flies
12 of 16What is this food?
Ice Mice
Mousy Mints
Rat Rounds
13 of 16What is this food?
Screaming Cakes
Exploding Bonbons
Snappy Truffles
14 of 16What is this food?
Nosebleed Nougats
Fainting Fancies
Puking Pastilles
15 of 16What is this food?
Strawberry Frog
Peppermint Toad
Hoppy Pops
16 of 16What is this food?
Fruity Worms
Rainbow Rots
Jelly Slugs
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