Quiz: Can You Beat This Infuriatingly Difficult 20 Question Trivia Test?

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It's the best version of 20 Questions you'll ever play!

A quiz on various trivia subjects, ranging from academic subjects, such as chemistry, to those on popular culture, such as Disney movies.

 Oct 19, 2017
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What fruit is wine made out of?
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What is the capital of England?
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What does "PC" stand for?
Pan cover
Portable computer
Playing cards
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George R.R. Martin wrote which of these books?
The Name of the Wind
A Game of Thrones
The Lost Magician
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What is the chemical formula for water?
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What U.S. city is especially known for its jazz scene?
New Orleans, Louisiana
Richmond, Virginia
Pensacola, Florida
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Which of these is a bone in the arm?
8 of 20Pick your answer!
___________ is a famous poet.
Ernest Hemingway
Vincent Van Gogh
Sylvia Plath
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Leonardo DiCaprio starred in which of these movies?
The Avengers
The Great Gatsby
Blade Runner
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Who was the second president of the U.S.?
John Adams
Abraham Lincoln
George Washington
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The state of Michigan is shaped like what?
A smiley-face
A pear
A glove
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Which of these is an example of a pronoun?
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What U.S. state does Lilo & Stitch take place?
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Mixing the colors red and blue gets _______.
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Who is the god of the underworld in Greek mythology?
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Vitamin D is known for being especially good for your _______.
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Watson and Crick are famous for discovering the structure of what?
18 of 20Pick your answer!
Who invented the iPhone?
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates
Stephen Hawking
19 of 20Pick your answer!
What duo is famous for exploring western America in the 1800s?
Lewis and Clark
The Wright brothers
Tom and Jerry
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"Circle of Life" is a famous song from which Disney movie?
Lion King
Little Mermaid
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