Quiz: Can You Beat This 17 Q Jeopardy Test Without Getting Tricked?

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This is Jeopardy!

Prove just how much you know about America's favorite quiz show with questions on subjects ranging from Shakespeare to pool!

 Jan 09, 2018
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This geographical region is also known as the Devil's Triangle.
What is "the Pyramids of Giza"
What is "the Bermuda Triangle"
What is "the Himalayas"
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In this species, the male carries and delivers the baby.
What is "a bird"
What is "a horse"
What is "a seahorse"
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A slender, decorative piece of turned wood, or what Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on.
What is "siding"
What is a "cotton gin"
What is a "spindle"
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This is "and so on" in Latin.
What is "id est"
What is "exempli gratia"
What is "et cetera"
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This "T" word means monotony, boredom, and sameness.
What is "tabernacle"
What is "tedium"
What is "titillation"
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Some say this underworld canine has serpents entwined around his multiple necks.
What is "Fluffy"
What is "Hades"
What is "Cerberus"
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Fitzgerald's "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is about a man who does this backwards.
What is "ages"
What is "walks"
What is "talks"
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From 1804 to 1812, this state was known as the Territory of Orleans.
What is "Louisiana"
What is "New York"
What is "California"
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Emilio Estevez & Molly Ringwald sit in detention in this 1985 film.
What is "Sixteen Candles"
What is "Clueless"
What is "The Breakfast Club"
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It's the receptacle in the wall containing a socket for your plug.
What is a "vesicle"
What is a "saccule"
What is an "outlet"
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In Italian this metal is called alluminio.
What is "copper"
What is "iron"
What is "aluminum"
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In pool the cue ball is white & this number ball is black.
What is "the 8-ball"
What is "the 7-ball"
What is "the 5-ball"
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This is the literal meaning of "renaissance".
What is "art"
What is "Rebirth"
What is "Europe"
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From the Latin for "to destroy", the verb was often used by opponents of slavery.
What is "sabotage"
What is "raze"
What is "abolish"
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Company that makes the chocolate treats "Ho Hos."
What is "Hostess"
What is "Hershey"
What is "Little Debbie"
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It's usually a body of protective water spanned by the drawbridge.
What is "a moat"
What is "a river"
What is "a lake"
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He was only 15 when he developed his system of writing for the blind.
Who is "Braille"
Who is "Morse"
Who is "Gutenberg"
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