Quiz: Can You Answer These 16 Bowling Questions Every Human Should Know?

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Can you get that perfect game?

A quiz on the rules and general playing culture of one the greatest American pastimes, bowling! See if you can get every question!

 Nov 18, 2017
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How many finger holes are in a bowling ball?
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A diagonal slash indicates what?
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How does someone get a spare?
Knock down all the pins in the second ball
Knock down all the pins in the first ball
Knock down no pins at all
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What is usually the first thing you do when you go bowling?
Measure the alley's width
Choose your bowling ball
Exchange shoes
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What letter represents a strike on screen?
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How many rolls do you get in one frame?
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There are typically _____ pins in a bowling alley.
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An open frame is when someone _________.
gets two strikes in a row
doesn't knock down any pin in one frame
gets two spares in a row.
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What does it mean to have a "gutter ball"?
You don't knock down any pin
You bounce the ball on the floor
You knock down every pin
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How many strikes can you get in one frame?
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If someone gets a strike in frame 1 and a five in frame 2, what score is in frame 1?
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In bowling, what is a "turkey"?
Getting seven spares in a row
Going through an entire game with only open frames
Getting three strikes in a row
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How many rolls do people normally get in the 10th frame?
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When does a bonus roll occur for the 10th frame?
When you get a spare or strike
When you plead with the manager
When you don't knock down any pin
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Getting strikes in every frame is called a _______ game.
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People normally roll with which hand?
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