Quiz: Can You Actually Get 10/15 On This Christian Slang Quiz?


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Questions on various Christian slang words and phrases, or the words of Christianese, such as "love on."

 Nov 01, 2017

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What would you call a recently converted Christian?
Newly Found
Baby Christian

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Contemporary Christian songs are sometimes called _______
7-11 songs
Religious rap
Pop music

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What does "born again" mean?
You've been baptized twice
You believe in reincarnation
You've rediscovered Christianity

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What phrase refers to the practice of claiming God's promises?
Claim the Bible
Claimation exclamation
Name it and claim it

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What does it mean if your church has a lot of "nickels and noses"?
A lot of people come and many donate
A lot of people are hired to sing
It has a lot of priests

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"Creation care" refers to _______

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What word is used to refer to Christian clothing?
Witness wear
Advocate apparel
God's garb

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What does it mean to "love on" someone?
To talk to someone
To show someone how much you care
To ignore your significant other

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When you show your love to someone, you're giving them ______
God's gift to man
a heart offering
a love offering

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What is an "unspoken prayer request"?
A confession
A silent prayer to God
An unexplained request for a prayer

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Why would you put the devil on notice?
To make sure he won't arrive
To help you resist temptation
To make sure he will arrive

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What is it called when you're doing something with a friend?
Hanging out
Doing life together

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What does "Acts 29" refer to?
A book in the Bible
Future work done by the church
The final act of the Apostles

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When someone wants your prayer, they would say, "_______"
I covet your prayer
Hear me out
Pray for me

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What would you call a God-driven encounter?
Guardian Angels
Divine appointment
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