Quiz: Answer These 16 Questions And We'll Reveal What % Saint You Are

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Are you a nice person or a little trouble-maker? We will tell you shortly!!

See how much of a saint you actually are with this quiz that calculates your level of morality versus that of your immorality.

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Were you a bad kid growing up or a straight-A student? Did you get in trouble with your friends after school or do your home work right away? Did you laugh in Church or shush those who did? Well we already know the answer but do you!? We'll tell you what percent saint you are! Thanks to these 16 questions, we will accurately determine if you're a good person or not so good person. If you litter or open the door for strangers. If you put the toilet seat down for women or if you leave your dog's mess on the sidewalk! We have a morality calculator waiting for you! Show your score to your enemies or soon-to-be mother-in-laws. Show your kids what will happen if they misbehave by taping your result up on the fridge. Show your coworkers how nice you are by sharing this quiz with them. So, enter if you dare!!! You won't regret knowing just how saintly you are. Now, I'm sure your mother or your ex-partner could tell you what they think but we have the real answer waiting for you after 16 questions. So go ahead and press play!

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