Quiz: Only An Army Wife Will Get 10/15 On This Military Test

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A quiz on the various aspects of the military, from its specific branches to bootcamp, rankings, and PCS!

 Nov 29, 2017
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How many main branches are the in the military?
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What is one of those branches?
Blue Seals
Green Berets
Marine Corps
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Another name for the Army Special Forces is ________.
Power Rangers
The Legion
Green Berets
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People currently in the military can be on active duty or on _______.
honorable discharge
reserve & guard duties
temporary duty
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Which department has control over all the military branches except the Coast Guard?
The Department of Defense
The Department of Homeland Security
The Department of Health and Human Services
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Which branch of the military is the US's dominant land power?
Coast Guard
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What test is required in order to get into the military?
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What is the officer-training program available to people still in school?
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Who is commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces?
Vice President
Secretary of State
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The Marine Corps is organized under which department in the military?
Air Force
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What is the largest branch, in terms of personnel?
Air Force
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How is communication carried out with people in boot camp?
Text messages
Handwritten letters
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In the military, what does "PCS" stand for?
Painful cut or sprain
Please call for support
Permanent change of station
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Which of these is the highest, according to army ranks?
Non-commissioned officer
Army Specialist
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The Army PFT is required for what?
Getting a promotion to NCO
Requesting leave
Graduating boot camp
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