13 Things Only A True UVa Girl Will Understand

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With over 900 organizations you can join, the Cavaliers are a diverse bunch. But there's a reason they added 1515 to the Corner. Whether it's partying somewhere on 14th, draining your wallet at the Downtown Mall, chatting on the Lawn, or not sleeping at Clemons, you tend to stick together wherever you are because how else are you going to get through college?

1. You Don't Eat At The Dining Halls. You Just Don't.

Sure, Newcomb has its good days, and Runk is pretty decent (if you're willing to make the trek over there), but c'mon. By third year, you're ditching the meal plan and eating Bodo's pretty much every day.

2. And On The Subject Of Food...

You can say all you want about people who eat at Roots, but admit it. You've tried their salads, and it was delicious.

3. Work Hard, Play Hard

Foxfield, Block Party, Midsummers, and 4th Year 5th. UVA is a party school for a reason. Of course, that doesn't mean you aren't obsessively calculating your grade-point average before and after every exam.

4. Driving Is Pretty Much A Nightmare

Dear Pedestrians: there are crosswalks for a REASON.

5. When You're In Alderman, The Map Is Your Friend

Seriously, who came up with that floor plan?

6. Rule Of Thumb: Girls In Pearls And Guys In Ties

Yes, UVA is a little dressier than other schools, but it's the South. You're Southern belles with Southern hospitality.

7. You Say That But...

A lot of you are actually from NOVA.

8. SIS Is A Devil In Sheep's Clothing

It's the clunkiest and ugliest website ever, and you depend on it in order to graduate. Thank God for Lou's List.

9. You're A First Year Pre-Med? That's Cute.

If Chemistry doesn't kill you, Physics will.

10. Oh Yeah, And Let's Get Our Vocabulary Straight

Campus = Grounds. Freshman = First Year.

11. You're A Potterhead

UVA has got the Harry Potter room, a Quidditch team, and they use the same terms for school years. And they ask why you came to this school?

12. You Come For The Football, But Stay For The Basketball

Okay, maybe you don't actually go to a lot of the football games (one can only take so much heartbreak), but the basketball team is really something to be proud of. Whether or not that will remain true in the coming years, you'll just have to wait and see.

13. What Exactly Is A Wahoo? Hoo Cares!


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